Hydraulic structures


AFITER - Topsoil retention


AFITER® is a three-dimensional reinforcement flexible mat made with polyester cables. Its unique structure is designed to stabilize soil or granular material on slopes, control erosion and promote revegetation. 

AFITER® can be installed to prevent the failure of a soil veneer cover placed over a liner system on a slope. It supports the soil cover and minimizes the tensile strain on the underlying layers.

Sustainable protection is guaranteed for decades.


  • Three-dimensional reinforcement flexible mat
  • High tensile modulus
  • Soil cover stabilization, erosion control and revegetation
  • Long term performances
  • Light product and easy to install


Earth retention Earth retention


  • Polyethylene geosynthetic reinforced with high-tenacity polyester cables and rigid polypropylene strips
  • Packaging : 3-metre wide rolls

Projects completed with AFITER

Earth retention and revegetation of slopes

Earth retention and revegetation of slopes

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Watertight pond - Les Bordes golf course (41)
60 000 m2
To revegetate watertight ponds, the stability of the topsoil layer must be guaranteed. The AFITER® 2D solution was implemented on the slopes of ponds to enable earth retention and therefore revegetation.