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AFITER - Earth retention on slopes


The slopes of structures or natural inclines are subjected to climatic stress, which gradually erodes them. This degradation causes instability in the event of extensions, which are often located on the roadside or on busy public sites, likely to jeopardise user safety and incur significant restoration costs. These extensions must be protected by a geocomposite.

AFITER® is a three-dimensional reinforcement flexible mat made with polyester cables. Its unique structure is designed to stabilize soil or granular material on slopes, control erosion and promote revegetation. 

AFITER® can be installed to prevent the failure of a soil veneer cover placed over a liner system on a slope. It supports the soil cover and minimizes the tensile strain on the underlying layers.

AFITER® guarantees sustainable protection for decades, even in the event of prolonged exposure.


  • Three-dimensional reinforcement flexible mat
  • High tensile modulus
  • Soil cover stabilization, erosion control and revegetation
  • Long term performances
  • Light product and easy to install


Earth retention Earth retention


  • Polyethylene geosynthetic reinforced with high-tenacity polyester cables and rigid polypropylene strips
  • Roll width : 3 m
  • Roll length : 100 m
  • Tensile strength : up to 400 kN/m