Hydraulic structures


AFITEX G - AFITEX P - AFITEX ST - Mechanical protection of structures


When building structures in the domains of civil engineering, the environment, hydraulics, the mining or construction industry, the use of soil protection, filtration and separation products is often required to meet the needs of the following applications :

  • Protection of geomembranes at the bottom of ponds or landfill cells
  • Separation of two different soil layers

AFITEX Middle East provides various ranges of non-woven needled geotextiles consisting mainly of chemically inert polypropylene, which may or may not be combined with other geosynthetics solutions to respond to specific needs, even under extreme conditions.

The AFITEX® P range, available in very high thicknesses, meets all the mechanical protection needs of geomembranes in ponds and at the bottom of landfill cells, which can accommodate several tonnes of waste.

The AFITEX® G range meets the filtration and separation needs of two different soil layers, and its tensile strength is that of class 2 to class 7 products.

The AFITEX® ST range meets the relatively light mechanical protection needs of geomembranes in ponds, and is characterised by its good hydraulic properties.


Filtration Filtration
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