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ALVÉOTUNNEL - Extrados drainage


In a tunnel, it is always necessary to collect and discharge run-off water. The structures must have an effective and rapid drainage system to stop water from penetrating, before this affects the structure, when installing a waterproofing system. ALVÉOTUNNEL®, installed against walls, drains and channels run-off water.

The ALVÉOTUNNEL® product is recommended for underground structure projects such as tunnels. It is designed to provide the waterproofing membrane with mechanical protection and drain water seeping into the backfill.


  • 3-in-1 product : ensures drainage, mechanical protection and a water barrier
  • Protects waterproofing layers from water seeping into the backfill
  • Extends the service life of the tunnel
  • Improved safety factor of the structure


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection
Water barrier Water barrier


  • Polypropylene geocomposite
  • Roll width : 2.20 metres
  • Roll length : 50 metres