Hydraulic structures


DRAINTUBE FT - Water and gas drainage under ponds - HS


Lined ponds are often built close to the water table or on soil made up of organic materials likely to release gases when decomposing. Rising water, air and gases under the liner of the ponds generate under pressure likely to result in irreversible deformations of the geomembrane. Drainage under the liner is therefore essential for the stability and durability of these structures.

DRAINTUBE® FT offers a solution adapted to the filtration, drainage of water and gases, as well as the mechanical protection of the geomembrane to avoid these deformations. This drainage system helps discharge water towards one draining trench while distributing residual pressure.

While the drainage capacity of DRAINTUBE® FT is similar to that of a layer of highly permeable drainage material, its cost is lower and it is easier to implement.


  • Geomembrane protection
  • Control and limitation of the hydraulic pressure below the geomembrane
  • Used for more than 20 years
  • Reduction of the earthwork and excavation below the pond
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution as it replaces granular layers
  • Product easy to roll and to install


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection


  • Polypropylene geocomposite
  • Roll width : 3.90 m
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • 3 diameters of perforated mini-drains : 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm
  • 4 possible distances between mini-drains : 200 cm, 100 cm, 50 cm and 25 cm