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NOTEX C - Soil reinforcement : rigid inclusions


The construction of linear infrastructures and engineering structures on compressible soil requires the development of deep foundation solutions such as rigid inclusions to reduce compaction and increase load-bearing capacity. This solution must be enhanced by the integration of a reinforcing geocomposite such as NOTEX® C, to improve load transfer via “membrane effect” and avoid puncturing the mattress.

Fibre optic sensors can be integrated into the NOTEX® C to monitor deformations, even minor ones, at the heart of the platform.

NOTEX® C is also suitable for earth retention on slopes.


  • Very high strength possible in both directions
  • Significant reduction in short and long term settlements
  • Large mesh aperture for a better interlocking of granular materials
  • Limited use of granular materials
  • Improved environmental and economic impact due to the reuse of existing soil
  • Possible fibre optic integration for monitoring
  • Environmentally friendly coating (PVC-free)
  • Reinforcement by high-tenacity PET or PVA cables suitable for specific soil conditions (high pH)
  • Quick installation


Reinforcement Reinforcement


  • Geosynthetic made of high-tenacity polyester by the combination of high-strength cables
  • Acrylic coating
  • Roll width : 5.30 m
  • Roll length : 100 m
  • Tensile strength : up to 800 kN/m depending on the product in the range Specific service (upon request for very high strengths) : lengths adapted to the pattern layout