DATE : 30/04/2021

AFITEX Middle East installed cover of landfill cell with 171 000 m2 of DRAINTUBE FT

AFITEX Middle East supplied 170,000 m2 of  to cover a landfill at Al Ghabawi to provide rainwater drainage and mechanical protection of the waterproofing system.

It replaces the top protection geotextile, a 0.20 m thick layer of granular drainage material and the filtration geotextile.

This solution is appreciated by landfill operators for many advantages such as :

  • Protection of the waterproofing geomembrane against puncture
  • Effective drainage of rainwater
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, does not require any granular material
  • Covering soil filtration
  • Improved waterproofing performance by limiting hydraulic loads on the geomembrane and pressure under the geomembrane
  • Stability of the final cover

Project owner by Greater Amman Municipality

Costumer : Join venture of two construction companies Christopher D. Constantinidis S.A. (Greece) and Helector S.A. (Greece) : J/V CONHELEC (Jordan)


Some pictures of project :