DATE : 03/04/2021

AFITEXINOV performs an ambitious first road project in Benin between Toffo and Lalo

As part of the development and asphalting work on more than 28 km of road between Toffo and Lalo in Benin, the company PORTEO BTP (Ex NSE CI Benin) and inspection firms TR ENGINEERING and LE HEROS GC selected AFITEXINOV and its PROTECTERRE PF technology to waterproof the support soil receiving the backfill. 

The clay soil is very present in the sub-region and particularly along a little more than 5 km of the road. The installation of 250 000 m2 of PROTECTERRE PF will provide a sustainable solution to the problem of clay shrinkage and swelling. This phenomenon is regularly present in Benin and is of concern to the project owner (the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT), la Direction générale des Infrastructures and la Direction des travaux neufs du Bénin).

As the country is undergoing a vast infrastructure development programme, this project is not only a first, but is also very ambitious. It should demonstrate that PROTECTERRE PF is a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective solution to this specific geological context.

The PROTECTERRE PF sheets are welded together, the waterproofing of the platform is ensured and the future asphalt road will be protected from the disorders usually resulting from the shrinkage/swelling of clays.

Some pictures of the project :