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ALVEOTER - Topsoil retention


Pond embankments feature slopes with varying gradients, where topsoil must be maintained on the waterproofing system during installation and over time.

ALVEOTER® has a permeable three-dimensional structure that allows the soil to be confined and stabilized in the cells. When used on slopes, it effectively holds the soil in place to naturalize sterile surfaces with steep slopes.

The structure of ALVEOTER® and its composition in non-woven needlepunched geotextiles make it very light and easy to install (reduction of the accordion effect). It adapts easily to the irregularities of the support and to the geometry of the slope.

ALVEOTER® allows the use or reuse of a wide variety of materials, thus offering an efficient, economical and ecological solution.

This product is suitable for steep inclines (≥ 1H/1V) which are problematic for some geosynthetics. It can be implemented on slopes, on geocomposites and on waterproofing layers (combined with the reinforcing geosynthetic).


  • Great long-term stability
  • Controls erosion on slopes
  • Installation on steep slopes (up to 1H/1V)
  • Flexibility and lightness
  • Adapts perfectly to the shape of the substrate
  • Simple transport
  • Relatively compact product


Earth retention Earth retention


  • Polyester geotextile
  • Standard cell height is 10 cm

Projects completed with ALVEOTER

Earth retention in infiltration ponds

Earth retention in infiltration ponds

[Hydraulic structure]

Richwiller (68)
600 to 800 m2
To enable load bearing and earth retention to a depth of 15 cm for long-term revegetation, the ALVEOTER® solution was implemented on the slopes of an infiltration pond, with 45° gradients.