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BLOCK AFIWALL - mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall - AFIWALL


The construction of infrastructure sometimes requires working on very steep slopes. The AFIWALL® range offers various simple and rapid construction methods which provide a variety of solutions to complete these structures.

For slope reinforcement, mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) retaining wall with vertical facing or facing at a slight angle, bridge abutments or acoustic bunds, the AFIWALL block technology is used whenever concrete facing is needed.

This solution consists of three products:

  • a specifically designed reinforcing geosynthetic such as NOTEX® C in the event of aggressive granular backfill upon installation or NOTEX® GX or GEOTER® F in most traditional cases
  • a drainage geocomposite such as SOMTUBE® FTF to combat water ingress in the technical embankment
  • modular concrete blocks such as BETOATLAS® or LEROMUR®


  • Innovative and cost-effective solution consisting of 3 products supplied by AFITEXINOV for the reinforcement, drainage and lining of the structure
  • Construction of very high retaining structures
  • The modular concrete facing replaces the construction of traditional walls
  • Quickly implemented
  • Looks different depending on the type of modular block used
  • Better integration into the landscape


Drainage Drainage
Reinforcement Reinforcement
Support Support



  • Weight of empty element : 24 kg
  • Weight of full element : 50 kg
  • Number of element per m2 : 20
  • Packaging : 2.40 m2/pallet
  • Maximum height : 11 m

LEROMUR® block

  • Weight of elements : 
    100 cm module : 54 kg / 50 cm module : 27 kg / 25 cm module : 13 kg
  • Packaging on pallets :
    100 cm module : 24 / 50 cm module : 48 / 25 cm module : 96
  • Maximum height : 25 m

Projects completed with BLOCK AFIWALL

Comforting high-risk embankments

Comforting high-risk embankments

Doum & Maadid neighbourhoods - Rabat (Morocco) - 1 000 m2

In order to secure these slopes, AFITEXINOV intervened to propose its Block® AFIWALL solution.